Oheka Castle Mid-Week Photographer

Oheka Castle Portrait Photographer

Mid-Week Sessions Available

Have you ever imagined having your portrait taken at Oheka Castle by a professional photographer?

For those looking to immortalize their special moments within the majestic ambiance of OHEKA CASTLE, we offer the perfect opportunity to have professional photographs taken. Whether you’re planning a surprise proposal, celebrating an engagement, capturing family portraits, or any other personal portraits, we invite you to reach out to Kelly Melius for an exclusive photography experience.

For more details/restrictions please contact Kelly Melius directly at kmelius@oheka.com or call 631-659-1301. Kelly will assist you in selecting the ideal dates for your session. (MUST DO THIS STEP FIRST) Once that is complete we will guide you through the booking process, including all necessary paperwork, to ensure a seamless and memorable experience at this historic estate.


  • Includes a 30-minute Phone Consultation
  • Up to a 2-hour Photo Session with Master Photographer Rocco Chilelli
  • Oheka Castle Site Fee
  • Online Gallery with Photographs
  • High-Res Digital Files


  • Surprise Proposal
  • Engagement Session
  • Sweet 16/QuinceaƱera
  • Family Session
  • Renew Vowels
  • Personal Brand

Have You Ever Dreamed of Having Your Portrait Taken at Oheka Castle by Expert Oheka Castle Portrait Photographers?

A Legacy of Excellence with Oheka Castle Portrait Photographers

Our journey began over two decades ago, with a camera, a vision, and a passion for capturing the essence of each moment. We quickly fell in love with Oheka Castle’s unparalleled beauty and knew it was the perfect canvas for our art. As Oheka Castle Portrait Photographers, we’ve had the honor of photographing a myriad of clients, each session adding to our rich tapestry of memories. Our dedication to our craft has solidified our position as the exclusively recommended photographers for portrait sessions at this iconic venue.

Why Choose Oheka Castle Portrait Photographers?

Oheka Castle is not just a location; it’s an experience. With its grand architecture, sprawling gardens, and reflective pools, the castle offers a plethora of breathtaking scenes for your portraits. As seasoned Oheka Castle Portrait Photographers, we understand the unique lighting, angles, and moments that this historic venue offers, allowing us to create stunning, one-of-a-kind portraits that capture your essence against the majestic backdrop of Oheka. Whether it’s the stately elegance of the grand staircase, the romantic allure of the formal gardens, or the serene beauty of the reflecting pools, Oheka Castle provides a diverse and stunning array of backdrops, perfectly captured through our lenses.

Your Exclusive Portrait Session with Oheka Castle Portrait Photographers

As exclusively recommended by Oheka Castle Portrait Photographers, we offer a unique and personalized portrait experience. Our deep understanding of the castle’s most picturesque locations and our expertise in photography allows us to capture stunning portraits that reflect your individual story. Mid-week sessions at Oheka Castle present a serene and intimate setting, ensuring that your portrait session is not only a photo shoot but a luxurious experience, meticulously crafted to perfection.

A Commitment to Quality by Oheka Castle Portrait Photographers

Our commitment to quality extends beyond the click of the shutter. From the initial consultation to the final delivery of your portraits, we ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience. As Oheka Castle Portrait Photographers, our expertise in lighting, composition, and post-production, combined with our passion for storytelling, results in portraits that are not only visually stunning but also emotionally resonant.

Join a Tradition of Elegance with Oheka Castle Portrait Photographers

For those who dream of elegance, who yearn for a moment captured in time against a backdrop of unparalleled beauty, we extend an invitation to experience Oheka Castle through our lenses. Join the ranks of those who have chosen to immortalize their stories within the walls of this historic castle, captured by the expert Oheka Castle Portrait Photographers. Your dream portrait session awaits, an exclusive experience crafted just for you.

Your Dream Portrait Awaits with Oheka Castle Portrait Photographers

Have you ever envisioned yourself in the stunning surroundings of Oheka Castle, with your portrait being crafted by expert Oheka Castle Portrait Photographers? Allow us to transform that vision into a breathtaking reality. Please reach out to Oheka Castle initially to discuss available dates, setting the stage for an unforgettable portrait session. After you’ve secured your date, Camelot Studios will take care of everything else, ensuring a seamless and memorable experience from start to finish.